Why Rob?

I’m experienced

I’ve been a licensed pilot since 2005 and a certified flight instructor since 2010. I’ve logged over 1800 hours, including over 1150 hours of teaching students how to fly. I have tangible experience in complex, high performance, and multi-engine airplanes.

I’m local

I can’t claim that I’m a native Vermonter. I can claim that I’ve lived in northern and central Vermont since 2001. I learned to fly here. I earned almost all of my ratings here. I’ve taught all of my students here.

I’ll make you a pilot

A pilot’s license alone doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be proficient enough to fly confidently on your own. I won’t just get you your license; I’ll make you a pilot. You’ll learn how to fly safely. You’ll learn how to use your knowledge, experience, and judgment to make good decisions. You’ll have the proficiency and confidence necessary to fly well without me in the plane. My students’ testimonials back up that claim.

I tailor instruction to fit your needs

Each flight instruction program that I offer is customized for each individual student. Instruction is available for students without any flight experience, students who are partially finished with a license, and pilots who are already licensed. Learn more about the programs that I offer.

I offer the most bang for your buck

Instruction starts at $40 per hour. Learn more about my rates.

Flight Instruction in Northern Vermont