For a live list of reviews not on this site, check out my reviews on Google.

Here’s a sampling of reviews from my students, both from Google and not:

Rob sets a high bar in training that you will always have with you after you get your license.  He is great at simultaneously keeping it challenging, fun and safe.  He is perceptive enough to know when your not on your “A game” and encouraging enough to get you there.  And his combination of skill and knowledge is a perfect match to make you best pilot you can be.  If your serious about getting your license, Rob is the right choice. Thanks Rob.  I look forward to flying with you again soon.

John A., Waterbury, VT

Rob combines everything you would want in a flight instructor. He is highly proficient as a pilot, reliable, safety-conscious, attentive to details, but at the same time is not a “drill sergeant” and understands that for most of us flying is about having fun. I would recommend him to any level of pilot, from beginner to those seeking advanced ratings. I have logged many hours with Rob in all kinds of conditions, from CAVU to IMC instrument approaches to minimums, and he handles them all in stride.

John D., Burlington, VT

Flying with Rob brought me beyond the minimum information to pass my PPL. He taught me how to safely operate an aircraft in a wide variety of conditions and possesses the necessary patience to work a student through the learning process of a PPL.

Andy P., Bolton, VT

Rob is a talented, thorough and thoughtful flight instructor. He takes time to review the lessons, imparts the important aspects and details, and is enjoyable to learn from in the air or on the ground!

Don K., Chicago, IL

Flight Instruction in Northern Vermont