I offer a number of flight instruction programs to fit your needs.

Learning to fly

Starting from zero hours? Picking up where you left off? The private pilot license is the standard license for most pilots. However, there are several options for aspiring pilots. Check the FAQs to help decide which license is right for you.

Instrument flying

Want to make more use of your private pilot license? An instrument rating adds great utility to your license. Already rated and need some currency or proficiency work? From approach work to a full IPC, I can prepare you to fly by instrument rules both legally and safely.

Flight reviews

I offer biennial flight reviews and WINGS training to existing pilots. We’ll discuss the type of flying that you do before we meet, and then I’ll design a flight review based on that type of flying. I employ scenario-based training to introduce real-life experiences into the review.

Proficiency flights

Has it been a few months since you’ve flown? A year? More? Spend some time with me to regain your proficiency and raise your confidence. Whether it’s a one-time flight or a set of lessons, I can help you be safe and confident behind the controls.

Advanced training

Don’t see the flight instruction for which you’re looking? Contact me, and I’ll work with you to design a program to fit your needs.

Flight Instruction in Northern Vermont