How long will it take to get my license?

Most students take between seventy and eighty hours of flying time to gain proficiency as  a private pilot. There are several factors involved in that estimate, including frequency of lessons and ability to focus on study outside the airport.

Legally, the minimum for a private pilot is forty hours. Although some students can meet that goal, most students aren’t ready to apply for a license at that point.

Which license should I get – private, sport, or recreational?

The private pilot license is the license that most non-commercial pilots hold. There are no license limitations to what you can fly, where you can go, or who you can bring. The recreational pilot and sport pilot licenses do have such limitations.

The recreational pilot license can be an intermediate step on the way to a private pilot license. The sport pilot license is an excellent option for folks who either cannot get or do not want to get an FAA medical certificate.

Check out AOPA’s website for specific differences between the three types of licenses.

I want to learn to fly. What should I do next?

Check out this page for information about things you should do before you start flying.

I heard that you’re a part-time instructor. Why should I fly with you?

I’m a part-time instructor because I work another job for financial security. That benefits you because I don’t rely on my students to pay my bills.

Do you offer custom work, like ferry flights or flying my plane somewhere for me?

Yes. Please contact me with questions or proposals.

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